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Professor David J Webb

Professor David Webb

Graduating in medicine in London, I developed an interest in vascular biology, extended by a research fellowship at the MRC Blood Pressure Unit in Glasgow. After higher specialist training in internal medicine and pharmacology, I was appointed as Senior Lecturer in Medicine at Edinburgh University, and to the Christison Chair of Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology in 1995. I directed Edinburgh University’s Wellcome Trust Cardiovascular Research Initiative (1998: £7M over 7 years) and created its Centre for Cardiovascular Science (2000), now the host to one of only 4 UK BHF Centres of Research Excellence (CoRE: £7.6M award). My research focuses on the vascular endothelium and renal function in hypertension using knockout models and translational studies, including deep phenotyping, in man. I ran the first human trial on a renin inhibitor, and was first to show in translational studies the potential for PDE5 inhibitors in hypertension, and for endothelin receptor antagonists in hypertension and proteinuric kidney disease. My work has been recognised by award of the Silver and Gold Medals for research, and Lilly Prize, from the British Pharmacological Society, and by Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences and Royal Society of Edinburgh. I have supervised over 20 PhDs and 10MDs and a number of my research fellows have gone on to prestigious clinical chairs. I am delighted to be leading the Scottish centre within the Wellcome Trust-funded Translational Medicine and Therapeutics Initiative, which I believe has the opportunity to make a real difference to translational medicine skills in the UK.

5 Key Papers:

Ge Y, Bagnall A, Stricklett PK, Strait K, Webb DJ, Kotelevtsev Y, Kohan DE. Collecting duct-specific knockout of the endothelin B receptor causes hypertension and sodium retention. Am J Physiol 2006;291:F1274-80.

Gudmundsdóttir IJ, Lang NN, Boon NA, Ludlam CA, Webb DJ, Fox KA, Newby DE. Role of the endothelium in the vascular effects of the thrombin receptor (protease-activated receptor type 1) in humans. J Am Coll Cardiol 2008;51:1749-56.

Japp AG, Cruden NL, Amer DA, Li YK, Goudie EB, Johnston NR, Sharma S, Neilson I, Webb DJ, Megson IL, Flapan AD, Newby DE. Vascular effects of apelin in vivo in man. J Am Coll Cardiol 2008;52:903-13.

Dhaun N, Lilitkarntakul P, Macintyre I, Muilwijk E, Johnston NR, Kluth DC, Webb DJ, Goddard J. Urinary endothelin-1 in chronic kidney disease and as a marker of disease activity in lupus nephritis. Am J Physiol 2009;296:F1477-83.

Dhaun N, Macintyre IM, Melville V, Lilitkarntakul P, Johnston NR, Goddard J, Webb DJ. Blood pressure-independent reduction in proteinuria and arterial stiffness after acute endothelin-A receptor antagonism in chronic kidney disease. Hypertension 2009;54:113-9.

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