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Dr Matthew Walters

Dr Matthew Walters

My clinical research work involves the study of cerebrovascular disease, and I chair the Scottish Stroke Research Network. I have established interests across a wide range of clinical trial and translational research activity, spanning development of novel methodologies in the identification of disease biomarkers to first administration to man drug studies, phase II, phase III to post-marketing surveillance. I serve on steering, data monitoring and endpoint adjudication committees for international clinical trials, and was the leading UK principal investigator for the ECASS 3 study of thrombolytic therapy in stroke.  I chair the stroke research group within the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences at the University of Glasgow, coordinating a complex programme of academic and commercial clinical trial activity together with mechanistic studies of cerebral blood flow, vascular epidemiology and methodological studies of cerebrovascular clinimetrics. I also have a significant interest in postgraduate clinical academic career
development and I serve as director of the Academic Foundation Year Programme in the West of Scotland.

5 Key Papers:

Dawson J, Quinn T, Harrow C, Lees KR, Walters MR.  Allopurinol and Nitric Oxide Activity in the Cerebral Circulation of Those with Diabetes. Diabetes Care 2009;32:135-137

Lewsey JD, Jhund PS, Gillies M, Chalmers JW, Redpath A, Kelso L, Briggs A, Walters M, Langhorne P, Capewell S, McMurray JJ, MacIntyre K. Age- and Sex-Specific Trends in Fatal Incidence and Hospitalized Incidence of Stroke in Scotland, 1986 to 2005. Circulation Cardiovascular Quality Outcomes 2009;2:475-83

Quinn TJ, Dawson J, Walters MR Exploring the Reliability of the Modified Rankin Scale. Stroke 2009;40:762-766

Lees KR, Ford GA, Muir KW, Ahmed N, Dyker AG, Atula S, Kalra L, Warburton EA, Baron JC, Jenkinson DF, Wahlgren NG, Walters MR. Thrombolytic therapy for acute stroke in the United Kingdom: experience from the safe implementation of thrombolysis in stroke (SITS) register. QJM 2008;101:863-869

Muir SW, Harrow C, Dawson J, Lees KR, Sattar N, Walters MR. Allopurinol Use Yields Potentially Beneficial Effects on Inflammatory Indices in Those with Recent Ischemic Stroke A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial.  Stroke 2008;39:3303-3307

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