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Clinical Academic Training Pathways in the UK

Until recently, the typical career path for the aspiring academic clinician involved competitive appointment to:

  1. General Professional Training (at SHO grade);
  2. Specialist Training with a National Training Number (NTN) as an SpR;
  3. A PhD Fellowship for 3 years during NTN training;
  4. Further Clinical Training as a Lecturer or SpR to CCT.

With the introduction of Modernising Medical Careers (MMC) and following the recommendations of the Walport review of academic training, in England & Wales clinicians now have the additional option of obtaining a competitive Academic Fellowship (with NTNA) for up to three years before applying for a competitive PhD Fellowship.

diagram of typcial patterns of UK clinlical academic training versus ECAT

In Scotland, the approach to academic training after MMC has been different. Rather than a national distribution of Academic Fellowships, NHS Education for Scotland (NES) has expanded the funding available for clinical Lectureships. Following its success in attracting funding for clinical PhD fellowships, STMTI is now able to combine NES Lectureships and PhD Fellowships to create an entirely new scheme with features which are unique and novel in the UK.

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