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The University of Edinburgh Translational Pharmacology Course

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In support of training, we have recently launched a translational pharmacology course for UK trainees interested in translational medicine and therapeutics.  This week-long course was held at the Edinburgh Millennial Clinical Research Facility in the week of 25th June 2012.  The format was included a series of face-to-face seminars with leading national and international experts in translational pharmacology, and addressed key training requirements for principal investigators in phase 1 and first-in-human studies.  Topics included:

•    Clinical Research Ethics/Regulations
•    Overview of Drug Development
•    Dose Escalation Studies & Models
•    Preclinical Pharmacology/Toxicology
•    Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics
•    Adverse Events & Reactions
•    Biologics & Biosimilars
•    Statistics, Databases & Data Management
•    Risk Assessment & Management
•    Protocol Development & Study Management

We are particularly grateful to our speakers:

•    Dr Sharon Cameron, University of Edinburgh
•    Dr Mark Christie, King’s College London
•    Professor Adam Cohen, University of Leiden
•    Dr James Dear, University of Edinburgh
•    Dr Rob Dow, University of Edinburgh
•    Professor Sir Gordon Duff, MHRA, London
•    Dr Michael Eddleston, University of Edinburgh
•    Dr Lorna Ewart, AstraZeneca
•    Dr John Finch, Charles River Laboratories
•    Professor Allan Gaw, Queen’s Univeristy, Belfast
•    Dr Lawrence Jacob, Charles River Laboratories
•    Dr Ninian Lang, University of Edinburgh
•    Dr Steff Lewis, University of Edinburgh
•    Fiona McArdle, WTCRF, Edinburgh
•    Shona McDermott, Glasgow Clinical Research Facility
•    Dr Howard Marriage, University of Dundee
•    Jennifer Martin, Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
•    Professor Simon Maxwell, University of Edinburgh
•    Dr Lynn Morrice, University of Edinburgh
•    Dr Dirk Reitsma, Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD), USA
•    Susan Shepherd, WTCRF, Edinburgh
•    Dr Angela Thomas, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh
•    Professor David Webb, University of Edinburgh
•    Dr Chris Weir, University of Edinburgh

Professor A Cohen
Professor Adam Cohen

Dr D Reitsma
Dr Dirk Reitsma

We are also grateful for the involvement of Jennifer Martin from the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

J Martin

For those who might be interested, we are planning to run a similar course again in the future, and to provide additional training for those who have already undertaken the recent course.  Please contact if you would like to receive further information on these training opportunities.

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